So, what’s up?

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Let’s talk a little about life!

Here’s what’s up: I began work on my master’s in Library and Information Science last fall.

I started my first library job this week. Today is my second day, and I’m still doing things like getting familiar with the library website and what databases they have to offer, learning where everything is in the library, how to check out books for people, and general library things. It’s been fun so far, but it’s only day 2. So Who knows. My work computer doesn’t connect to the internet yet, and it’s a windows computer, and I don’t even know if I still know how to use a non-mac computer. I’ve been a mac user for a decade.

Everyone has been so nice. The library is quiet, and in a small town. My job is going to be coming up with new adult programming – book groups and what not. I’ve been asked to try to find ways to engage younger adults as the current book groups are for blue-hairs. So, that’s exciting. I’m thinking maybe a “mom’s night out” book group, and read a book that will appeal to moms of whatever age, but probably of younger kids. Who knows. The world is apparently my oyster.

I’m enjoying the process of getting ready in the mornings, but I guess it’s going to take more than 2 days to get accustomed to doing more than just the bare minimum. Who knows how long it will take.

Last night, I drove home, about a 35 minute drive, ate some dinner that Chris brought home for me (queso!), put Jonas to bed, and then went to bed myself. My clock was cooked. I have a feeling that will be the case tonight as well, because until I am used to all of this, I don’t see much else being done at home. Oye.

Transitioning to this working and momming stuff is going well so far, except when Jonas says “It’s hard to be away from your mommy and daddy all day.” And I say “I know, but this is good for all of us.” And then he says “I’ll just have to think about the good times.” And then I have to force myself not to cry so that I don’t wash all my mascara away.


  • The semester started late last week, and it’s clear that it’s going to be a lot more serious than last semester. I’m learning a boat load of new terminology and methodologies. My classes are titled “Introduction to Information Retrieval” and “Introduction to Instructional Design”. I didn’t even understand half of the words in the title of my first assignment in Introduction to Info Retrieval. Lots and lots of studying ahead for me. 
  • The house is coming along ok. There are still boxes all over the place, and I’m really not sure I like where I’ve put everything in the kitchen, but it’s starting to feel like home. A little bit at a time. When I walk into the old house, I feel a little bit nostalgic. It was our first house. We brought Jonas home to it. There are so many memories in that little house. (Nostalgia can shut it. That sucker needs to sell.)
  • Age 3 is no joke. I’m finding my patience tested daily. Oh, and my personal space is tested daily. I’m just trying to be understanding and pick my battles. But what if I pick the wrong battle and he’s ruined forever? I ended up buying “Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids” by Dr. Laura Markham. I like her advice on her website. So we’ll see if I get anything out of her book.
  • This crazy weather has made my skin go bananas. It is seriously so dry and itchy, and there are rough patches on my face. I used to have seriously oily skin, so dryness is really new to me. I have zero products in my arsenal to combat dry skin. I have numerous things to combat the oil slick that my face used to be. I’ve even put straight up cetaphil cream on my face – and honestly, that was so foreign to me. That stuff is HEAVY and I’d have laughed in your face if you’d told me I’d ever slap that cream on heavily.
  • Yesterday, I had some serious sinus congestion that ended up in my ears. That’s never happened to me before, and it was really strange. I felt like a bubble head all day! Late in the afternoon the pressure in my ears turned to pain, and it kept getting worse. I took all kinds of medicine, and poor Jonas was being parented by multiple episodes of Word World while I put my ears on a heating pad to help the pain and pressure. I eventually just had to go to bed when Chris got home. I’ve never felt pain like that before. I don’t remember ever having any ear infections as a kid, though I’m sure I had them. I just don’t remember. So this was a completely new realm of pain and suffering. And now I know why kids are complete assholes when they have ear infections. That pain SUCKS. And then I think about how Chris had crazy ear infections when he was a kid that sometimes went untreated for a long time and it breaks my heart so much. And my nephew had a really hard time with ear infections, too, and omg if they had that kind of pain regularly or even daily, well, my heart hurts for them. Because ouch.


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