Favorite products, March edition

by michelle on April 1, 2015 · 0 comments

The theme for March products was “fast and i recommend levitra generico easy”. There were lengthy foundation applications this month. I was tired, stressed, and run down. What you will see here are some tried and true favorites that get the only here viagra on line job done.

  1. Elf Small Stipple Brush – at $3 I think I need more than one of these. This is the best brush for under eye concealer ever. I also tried applying foundation one day (the shade was too dark, I had to remove my makeup and vivomediaarts.com start over. Travesty.) with this brush wet a little bit with some toner, and it was a nice application and not at all streaky. Recommend. Pair this with the next recommendation.
  2. Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in the lightest shade and the brightening shade. I dab a little bit of both shades under my eyes and blend out with the elf brush. This is fool proof and fast. (When I need more coverage or 12 hour coverage, I use Mac ProLongwear Concealer.)
  3. Tarte Amazonian clay Powder Foundation – This sort of wears off by the end of a long day, but it’s still a great foundation for fast application.
  4.  Tarte Glisten Blush. I LOVE this color. Honestly, this is crazy similar to Nars Orgasm, but BETTER on my skin. I don’t know what’s different about it but it’s much more flattering on me. Swatch this next to orgasm and buy generic levitra it’s hard to tell the difference, but on my cheeks, there’s SOMETHING different about it.
  5. Ouidad Sea Salt Spray  makes for a quick morning hair wise. One mornings when my hair needs washing, I spray a good amount of this in my hair and I get soft waves all day. They’re not amazing Victoria’s Secret model beach waves or anything, but they’re good enough.

So, those were the vivomediaarts.com products that got me through this last month. What you’ll probably start noticing if I do these regularly is that I’m starting to find my tried-and-true holy grail status type products. Finally. After years of discount viagra being a makeup addict.


Drugstore Mascara roundup

by michelle on February 28, 2015 · 0 comments

I had coupons, there was a sale, and I had CVS extra-care bucks. So instead of buying my favorite expensive mascara last month, I bought some Maybelline that I have liked in the past, a new Maybelline mascara, and because I went to it's cool viagra prescription a funeral, I bought a waterproof that I saw some good reviews for. So here are my thoughts.

Notes: I have long lashes – I do not look for lengthening in my mascaras. I mean, lengthening is good, but what I need out of a mascara is VOLUME. I have blonde thin eyelashes and I want them to look thick and full or I think they get lost behind my glasses. Anyway. I have a feeling that if I ever started using false lashes, I’d never stop. I like the dramatic lash look.

Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express – This has long been a drugstore favorite of mine. It’s not an exact dupe of Benefit’s They’re Real, but it’s a good substitute for it. I like the plastic rubber applicator wand, and I like the formula enough. And the “blackest black” version is really black. But it doesn’t hold a curl as well, it flakes off after about 12 hours (I know this seems high maintenance, but if I do my makeup before 7 am, and I have to be at work until 8, I do not need my mascara to start flaking into my eyes after 6.), and I have to let the formula dry out for a week or so after opening before it’s workable. But really, it’s a fine drugstore mascara. It irritates my eyes if they are already irritated, but whatever. That’s another high maintenance problem.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Full Fan Effect – I bought this one because of the coupons and the sale etc. I was intrigued by the comb included on the brush. I like this! It doesn’t give huge BOLD lashes like I love, but it’s a solid mascara. It also flakes after 10-12 hours, but not a bad product.

Covergirl Full Lash Bloom in Waterproof – I bought this because I like the claims covergirl made, and some reviews said the waterproof version was good. So I got this one to go to a funeral. Also, CG products were on sale at Target that week. This is a crap mascara. The blackest black is viagra 100 mg dull – it’s almost grey. This made my eyes itch immediately upon application. It didn’t add that much volume, and then it flaked but it was also hard as hell to remove. Do not recommend.


January makeup favorites.

February 5, 2015

I am and will never be any kind of actual makeup blogger. BUT. That doesn’t mean I can’t share what products I’m currently obsessing over. (I’m not calling these “beauty” favorites because, well, I don’t think they have anything to viagra lowest price'>viagra lowest price do with beauty. Anyway.) These are the best quality viagra'>best quality viagra things that fall into the realm of cheapest generic cialis'>cheapest generic cialis skincare, [...]

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Books I’ve read lately

January 30, 2015

I’ve been reading and listening to audiobooks a lot lately, and I really enjoy knowing what others are reading and liking, and so maybe sharing is caring? The Raven Cycle by Maggie Steifvater – This is a YA series that sure, it’s about a search for a long-maybe-dead Welsh king, a family of psychic women,  [...]

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7 quick takes

January 29, 2015

1. Night before last, Jonas woke up and had me up for a couple of hours. He first said he had a bad dream, and 1.5 hours later he said that his ear hurt. I gave him some zyrtec and advil, and within a few minutes he was (finally) asleep again. Then yesterday, he went [...]

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One wild friday night.

January 10, 2015

Yesterday, late morning, Chris received a call from Jonas’s daycare saying that he was crying a bit because of pain in his hip and back. He had calmed down and ate lunch and took a nap, and Chris was going to check in a little bit later to see how he was doing.  When he [...]

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My most loved makeup from 2014

January 9, 2015

  Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – I’ve used a million different eyeliners. I really do love a good gel eyeliner, but the new trend for eyeliner pens just makes my mornings so much easier. I prefer the formula of the Stila 24/7 liner to this one, but the KVD makes a little wing SO [...]

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Here’s an attempt at a yearly wrap up.

January 2, 2015

1. What did you do in 2014 that you’d never done before? Got a job as a librarian. That was pretty new. 2. Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year? I didn’t have any. I’m still thinking on recommended site order viagra online what I want to do this year. 3. Did [...]

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Things I need*

December 5, 2014

1. I think I need an extra hour in every day, or at least the ability to need less sleep to banter-latte.annotations.com function daily. There’s exactly zero way I can work, do homework, keep us all in clean clothes, and feed us food that is not from a restaurant, take care of myself, keep the house [...]

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November 18, 2014

The hardest part, so far, of switching to this “having a job” thing has been dealing with the feelings that someone else is getting the buy generic viagra online best of my kid every day. Jonas is an awesome kid. Sure, he drives me crazy, but he’s an awesome kid. He is funny and kind. He’s fun to play [...]

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