by michelle on October 14, 2007 · 2 comments

It’s almost November. What is November? Well, it’s one year until the next presidential election date.

I read a little of the transcripts from the Republican debate the other night. I wasn’t impressed really, until I watched Ron Paul deliver his closing statements. I liked what he had to say. So I read a little more about him on his campaign website.

Then I decided to read what Obama had to say about the same issues on his website. It was very interesting how I felt about it all.

I consider myself to be pretty liberal (socially and politically) generally. What struck a chord with me was the drastic differences between Ron Paul’s view on the health care crisis in our country verses Barack Obama’s view on the health care crisis. These differences then sent me into internal crisis!

Ron Paul believes that our system is too big, and therefore it causes problems driving the costs up and making it impossible for many Americans to have decent health care. So, downsizing the governmental role (FDA) in the system is his answer, making everything more affordable. He is an OB/GYN, and I guess his first hand experience in the system gives him a different view of the situation.

Obama believes that spending more money on a bigger and new system will solve the problem, by allocating money to redo the system completely, and pay into it so that everyone can have affordable health care and insurance.

What bothered me so much was that while I was reading Obamas plans, I just kept hearing myself say “wrong wrong wrong”. I am absolutely floored that I would agree with the Republican over the Democrat on something so HUGE in this election. But, I will never ever be able to vote for someone who believes that our government should dictate by religion, when our country was founded on religious freedom. Ugh. Crisis.

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Curtis October 14, 2007 at 10:57 pm

I agree for the most part with your analysis of Ron Paul versus Barry Obama on the issue of health care. Don’t worry about Ron Paul trying to dictate your religious beliefs. There is a difference between being a good Christian man and trying to shove Christianity down throats. Ron Paul doesn’t govern in a way that restricts religious freedom. As a Deist, I wouldn’t be supporting him if he did. I linked to your post at my blog. ron-paul-2008.blogspot.com

Curtis October 15, 2007 at 6:19 pm

I responded to your post over at my blog. I wish for you to read it when you have a moment. I am in total agreeance that the federal government shouldn’t be dictating what we do with our lives. I see it from a slightly different angle than you though. The fed sided with you on your issue, against me on mine. Thing is? They didn’t have the power or right to do either.

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