Ten on Tuesday! The laundry edition

by michelle on August 2, 2011 · 0 comments

It’s time for Ten on Tuesday!  Thanks to Chelsea for hosting and to Sarah for the questions!  Link up over at Chelsea’s, because she’s hosting a giveaway in a few weeks to all the participants in ToT!

1. Do you do laundry all at the same time or a load here and there?

I have to keep laundry going all the time or it takes over. I hate spending a whole day doing laundry, so I try to do loads throughout the week so I can spread it out.

2. What kind of detergent do you use?

Cheer right now, but I think I’m going to switch to something like Method Free and Clear. I I use BabyGanics on Jonas’s clothes – everything else I’ve tried (including Dreft and some other “free and clear” brands) gives him little raised red patches on his skin.

3. Do you use fabric softener?

Nope. Although I do love some fluffy towels coated in the stuff.

4. Do you use dryer sheets?

Yes. Right now I’m using “Downy” because I really love the smell. But for a long time prior, I used whatever “free and clear” sheet I could – method was my favorite brand.

5. Do you iron your own clothes or take them to a cleaner to get pressed?

We don’t own an iron.

6. Do you like heavy starch or light starch?

I’ve never used starch on anything.

7. Do you wash all your laundry at once or separate it?

I separate it usually, into a hot load (towels, whites, undies) and a cold load.

8. How do you separate it? By people or by colors?

Colors and people. I wash Jonas’s clothes separately because of his sensitive skin right now, and I separate the big people clothes into colors.

9. What clothes get hung up and what goes in drawers?

My junky t-shirts, undies, socks, pjs, yoga pants, jeans go in drawers, and everything else is hung up. Chris’s white tshirts, pjs, undies, socks go in his drawers and everything else is hung up. Jonas’s clothes just go wherever I want them to at the time.

10. Do you use plastic, wire, or wooden hangers? Do they all match?

I prefer plastic hangers with the little notches cut out for straps/blouses/etc. But no, all of our hangers do not match. It’s a hodgepodge of free plastic ones from bought clothes, cheap plastic ones, some wire hangers (hated), and some wooden pants hangers.


I think it’s become obvious that I’m not very domestic at all – I don’t even own an iron!

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