Rejoicing in the lovely days.

by michelle on December 6, 2011 · 1 comment

I have written a lot on here and twitter about my trials and tribulations while being mother to Jonas. There have been so very many “up” moments, and I think that I may have let them go by without putting out into the universe the lovely that can happen on any given day.

The last few weeks have been TRYING. On my sanity. My patience. My stress level. My headaches. My relationship with Chris, and of course, my relationship with Jonas. I know that it’s a combination of many things that cause toddler meltdowns. The easies are of course the immediate needs – is he bored? is he hungry? does he need a hug? is he tired? But in the background are always the more broad needs that need meeting – the developmental and growth needs.

I’m thinking that the last few weeks have been mostly the result of him reaching a new developmental milestone while also cutting 4 molars (molars are assholes. Truly.). And I think we may have finally reached the downside of this particular hill.

Today was the best day we’ve had together in a long time.

The day started a little rocky, but after some breakfast, we listened to some Christmas music and danced and marched around. We played with drums and instruments. We watched part of a sesame street and then played and read some books. Then we watched Yo Gabba Gabba and danced and moved and jumped around with those guys. I love that Jonas copies the movements on Yo Gabba Gabba now. He wiggles, and walks in a circle, and waves his arms, and squats, and it’s just ridiculously cute. We “talked” back and forth, as toddlers do. And talked about our clothes and things in the house and I tried to teach him more parts of his body, but I’m not sure he cares so much right now. He sat in my lap and we played with his stuffed animals, talking about each one and hugging them. Hugging right now is to smush them up to his face. And then smushing them up to my face.

We ate lunch, read a few more books together, and had the most peaceful nap time in a long time. Just some cuddles and a sleeping baby.

After his naptime, our friends Stephanie and Jasper came over to make handprint ornaments from salt dough. Jonas’s sort of cracked while drying, so we may try it again, but it was a success, and the boys cooperated the whole time! They played together for awhile and we went our separate ways.

Jonas and I then played a bit and had another listening and dancing to music party and then Chris came home and we went to run some errands.

I am hoping beyond all hope that Jonas’s little tantrums were (mostly) a little milestone-reaching phase and that we can have some more awesome days. Because today was awesome and lovely.

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Ashley // Our Little Apartment December 7, 2011 at 2:15 pm

For me, awesome days usually involve getting out of the house. Is that bad? I need to go on a walk or SOMETHING instead of staying inside all day with Gabe. It just starts to feel sort of oppressive and stuffy.

I really, really love toddlerhood so far. It’s tons of fun and him becoming a PERSON, but still has a little potbelly and waddles when he walks. 🙂 Part baby, part person.

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