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by michelle on August 26, 2012 · 1 comment

I started a garden with grandiose plans this year. I bought new seeds. I used some seeds from past seasons. I started a LOT of little seedlings. And then we got distracted and didn’t build any raised beds for them.

I realize I could totally till my ground and add compost and such, but we have two kinds of earth here in North Alabama – we have sand, and we have thick, impossible to grow in, red clay. So, we ended up with one good sized raised bed that Chris built for me, and I planted some green beans, a sweet pea plant, some cucumbers, a cat nip plant, and a basil plant. The cucumbers were gross and bitter. We’ve had exactly 2 green beans so far this year. The sweet pea plant did not survive.

I don’t start tomatoes from seed. It never works out. So I bought a beefsteak and a cherry tomato plant this year, and the cherry tomato plant has been my best friend because it gives me hope for future gardens. And there’s plenty of basil for yummy italian things. So I guess this fall and winter I’m going to make a real plan for my garden for next year and we’re going to make a big go of it.

The problems this year were probably pretty obvious. We waited way too long to put the seedlings into the ground. I don’t think our raised beds were quite tall enough. The location gets pretty good sun, which is kind of difficult in our yard, but it floods a bit when it rains. And my tomato plants need way more support next year.

I just want some tomatoes.

Anyway, I’m pretty bummed about the failure of my garden this year. But, there’s always next year. I hope.

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Lisa August 26, 2012 at 1:37 pm

My parents are *really* into gardening, and my mom told me this summer was HARD. It got too hot too early, it was dry, then when it rained, it rained a lot. They barely got anything. It was just one of those years.

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