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by michelle on January 25, 2013 · 0 comments

In order to try to force myself to write, and also because I haven’t done one of these in a long time, (and also because of the CDP swap!), here’s a random list of “getting to know me” questions.

  • Who was your favorite celebrity as a child? This is funny. Our TV time was seriously limited, and I don’t think I understood what a celebrity was until I was 13 years old or so. At that point, I was probably obsessed with Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.
  • What type of pets do you have? I have one cat. Her name is Nettles. She’s 10 years old, and very cat-like.
  • What is your favorite color? I think I’m having an aqua phase.
  • What is most memorable about your high school years? MOST memorable is the feeling that I didn’t fit anywhere. (Emo, much? Sorry.) But also that I met Chris.
  • What word describes you best? Dreamer, probably.
  • What is your greatest accomplishment? My college degree, I think.
  • What drives you every day? My son.
  • What is your favorite food? Bread and baked goods.
  • Where do you want to retire? I want to live in an Airstream and see it all when I retire.
  • What is your business goal this year? To make some income every month from my etsy shop.
  • Where do you like to vacation? My go-to relaxation has always been the beach. But I’m learning that I’d rather go and see things as I get older.
  • Who do you admire? I admire anyone who is happy.
  • If you were invisible, where would you go? I don’t know that I’d go anywhere that I wouldn’t go when visible.
  • What traits in others are you attracted to? Honesty, humor, intelligence.
  • What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you?
  • How do you want to be remembered? As a good and loving person.
  • What would you do with a million dollars? I’d pay off our house, donate some to charity, go tour Europe, open my own coffee shop, then put the rest away for Jonas’s education/future.
  • If you were on an island, who would you want to be with? Why? I would want to be on the island with Chris and Jonas, because they’re the loves of my life.
  • You have a 10 minute speech to give at a high school, what is it about? It’s about how it’s totally fine to not know who the hell you are in High School, and how it’s really going to be FINE if you graduate without knowing what you’re going to major in, or even if you’re going to college. Really. I promise. It will be FINE.

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