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by michelle on July 30, 2013 · 0 comments

So, there’s a lot going on in my life right now. Really there’s too much for one post, but here it is!

Class starts soon. I’m sort of nervous tummy about class starting. Graduate school! I love school. I hope I continue to love school during grad school.


Jonas turns 3 about the same time that grad school starts. So that’s a big thing. He’s firmly in his “why” stage right now. The other night, I think he made his first (butt) joke! He and his cousin were playing with some little books, and it was time for the cousin to go to the bathroom. He started to bring some with him, and Grandma told him that the books didn’t need to go potty. Jonas pipes up, “Because they don’t have butts!”


A few weeks ago, we (Ahem, I) noticed a newish house in a nice neighborhood was STILL for sale. It’s been on and off the market for about a year now. We went to look at it. It was really nice, had all the things we wanted, had great use of space for us (kid space separate from adult space – something we’ve been struggling with), and it’s got one more bedroom which means we can have an office AND a guest room. Anyway. We liked it. We (Chris) crunched some numbers and we decided that with the equity in the house and the money we have saved, we can definitely make this work. So. We put in an offer, and some counter offers, and we’re buying a house. It’s newer than we ever thought we would want – but c’est la vie. So I’ve been scrambling like a mad woman to take a super cluttered house to “listable” in about 2 weeks. I’m exhausted, but it will be so worth all of the exhaustion. Moving! Selling (we hope)!


A month ago I decided to suck up the mom guilt and just scheduled Jonas’s birthday party for The Little Gym. it’s probably going to be a very small group of kids, but that’s ok. I just didn’t feel like doing all the decorations and party food and what not. So, Little Gym. At the time we did not anticipate moving at all, so now I’m feeling like past me knew better and this was definitely for a reason. I’m REALLY not a “stuff happens for a reason” kind of person – but this time, I’m calling it a win.

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