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by michelle on January 29, 2015 · 1 comment

1. Night before last, Jonas woke up and had me up for a couple of hours. He first said he had a bad dream, and 1.5 hours later he said that his ear hurt. I gave him some zyrtec and advil, and within a few minutes he was (finally) asleep again. Then yesterday, he went to school, but around 11:30 was crying and upset because his ear hurt. I made him a drs appointment, picked him up, as I happened to be in town yesterday to work at a different library to learn some new skillz, and off we went. The pediatrician said that his ear looked like it hurt. Poor buddy. So antibiotics were acquired. But yesterday afternoon, he was in so much pain. He was just laying on the couch whimpering. I felt so bad for him. At one point he let me hold an ice pack to his ear while we waited for his advil to kick in. I’m of course happy to care for him, but it just made me that much more overwhelmed for those times when I’m not able to go get him because I’m 45 minutes away and don’t have any leave. On the one hand, I work for a place that is totally understanding of family life and understands if I need to be off even when I don’t have leave to take. But that still sucks.

2. While at target with Jonas picking up his prescription, I walked by the hair dye and picked up a box. Results are favorable.

3. I still, 3 months in, haven’t figured out how to meal plan without having the same 4 or 5 things for dinner every night with me not home to cook. I think the definition of “dinner” is going to have to change for us.

4. On that same sort of theme – my house is becoming dirty.

5. I’m on the hunt for a new blush. I’m not sure what exactly I’m looking for in this blush. I have coral. I have a pinky mauve. I have classic pink. I have a warm berry. But I think I want something that just says “BLUSH” when I wear it. Not like in a Mimi way, but like a “look at my glowy cheeks” way. Does this exist? Do you own it? Let me know.

6. I can’t believe how much I still can laugh at episodes of Friends. I have seen them all so many times, and yet I laugh. Out loud. While sitting by myself.

7. There was awhile there where I thought maybe I lost my love of reading, and I’ve finally gotten it back. I have read some really great things lately, but mostly The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Steifvater has really occupied my brain. Like, I can’t stop thinking about the story, and the characters, and just how wonderfully REAL they are while also in a wonderfully dreamy fantasy story. It’s just lovely.

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april February 2, 2015 at 7:32 am

I’ve been noticably Meh on reading this last month, but I picked up a series called the Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole and read the first two very quickly. I loved them. Now to wait for the third from the library.

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